Immigration From 1965 to the present

of migrants moving out and going to other states. CA was one of the states that gained the most migrants, this was in 1989-1992. In conclusion, people just didnt move into the USA but people also moved within the USA.==
A New Sight For Immigrants

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by Ian MacInnis


Migration is a important topic that is argued and discussed by many people. Many people all over the world emmigrate to other places throughout their life times, and with leaving their country, they encounter problems, and these are normal causes that come with migrating.

Migration just doesnt occur in the U.S, it happens throughout the world. According to, 20% of immigrants go to the U.S, 33% go to Europe, 7% go to other developed countries. All of these immigrants have something in common, they all leave because of a problem or for a better oppurtunity. Some of the causes in this day of age would be, for money, housing, job oppurtunity, or for family causes, like marriage or social norms in a area. An example of this would be in Scotland, in Edinburg, they have a vast population of Japanese citizens that immagrated over of some of the reasons that were stated above.

With the causes of migration, a immigrant's situation could either go well, or bad. With everything in life, there are a few diffirent types of outcomes. For one, immigrants provied good cheep talent into the work pool, they provide diffirent languages, and skills that we always cant ususlly find here. They are also willing to do cheep hard work for a low pay that a native wouldnt usually take. However, there is also bad social problems, and clicks are formed. New immagrants are often exploited and taken advantage of.

Becoming an American

This is how people migrated and this shows what resources and supports they got from the country. The laws that applied to immigrants was the chain migration. Witch it means that they had a certain right. The immigrants didn't have many right so they were most likely to get health insurance and also learn some english. And they had to do this in order to have a better life. Immigrants also had another right witch if they had a children that was born in the United States, they were going to be consider U.S. citizens.

The U.S faced a lot of challenges because they were scare because the population was going up so fast in just ten years. When the population was going up people from the U.S noticed that the major destinations were getting bigger since 1970. The Immigrants also faced a challenge because they could of been deported back to their home land. And if they were deported it was all bad because they were going to be forced out of the country.

The immigrants who come to the U.S. both legaly and illegaly through boats and/or swimming a river. Others who move from city to city, travel by plane, train or car. All types of people come to the U.S. for different kind of reasons. Some people come to live the "American Dream" or they are trying toleave their corrupted country. In the year 2007, the U.S. accepted 70,000 refugees. In later years 90,000 refugees will be allowed. Main sources of refugees are from Africa. Samalia, Liberia, Sudan and Ethiopia. The illegal immigrants in the U.S. usaully come from Latin America. There’s about 7-20 million illegal immigrants. Majority is from Mexico.

The Cubans and other Latin Groups who immigrated to America brought their culture and cultural objects. People brought their language, music and dance with them. With them bringing their cultural aspects, they combined with other peoples ways of life and mad a new way of life. such as language. people from spanish speaking languages made a new languages. Such as "Spanglish". Spanglish is a mixture of English and Spanish.

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