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Overview of U.S. Immigration during 1820-1880s

Immigration is defined as entering and settling in a country or region to which one is not native. During the nineteenth century, millions Europeans migrated from their home to the newly prosperous United States of America. This time period was when Europeans of all countries immigrated the most in us history People traveled to the Americas for several reasons. Some were forced out with no other source of hope, while others looked for a way to move up in the economic hierarchy that plagued them in their mother country. There were many reason why Europeans migrated to America. For instance, Europe’s economy wasn’t as prosperous, and the “economic ladder” wasn’t as realistic a climb as it was in America. In Addition, there were many political and social uprisings that led to wars. In Italy there were three revolutions for independence from 1848 to 1866. During this time, lower social groups of the working class were revolting, the upper and middle classes didn’t not have workers in their businesses. So this in turn cause people to want to leave the battles and lack of a steady income and go to America where they heard they could live prosperous. Also the American economy allowed many people to work during the industrial boom that was occurring at the end of slavery. This push and pull factors gave the nineteenth century to most immigration from Europe in American history.
There were lasting effects of moving to America. The 9,732,322 Europeans all had to deal with culture changes. Adaptation to employment and government, and there were different causes of migration for the different European groups. These groups of people all brought there hopes and dreams along with their determination to start a new life in America, When they arrived in America they a experienced a culture shock that was like none other, Most people when they arrived struggled to adapt and took any job that they could receive.

written by Andre Ashley

The Journey to the U.S. Immigration during 1820-1880s

During the migration of 1820-1880, this migration was by far one of the greatest intercontinental migrations which collided with the emergence of the first global travel industry. Most of all Europeans who left the country’s before WWII, ended up in the USA. However, 70% of the people ended up in the port of New York at the time. A large percentage of immigrants arrived by sea. All of the migrants traveled on the four largest steamines; Britain’s Guard, White Star, Norddeucher Lloyd, and the Itamburg-America Packet Company. Therefore, by the late 1830’s, steam lines were established on the Atlantic, not only to carry immigrants but mail to the U.S. as well. The all time high of American immigrants occurred in 1854. Finally, when the migraters settled in to the U.S. they mostly ended up in low paying jobs and put in hard labor work as an outcome of being a migrant because a lot of the time they didnt speak very well english,and didnt have much money. Including, much later in the 19th century migration was significantly enough to compete with trade as a source of public revenue. Overall, the migration led to a large travel industry because there were so many people coming here, that they started to make new boats to carry new immigrants into the country. It became very common thing to see new people arriving from various countries.

written by Evan Cudaback

The immigration statics got very big. More than 80% of immigrants came to the U.S from their home in europe. 4.4 million people came from germany to the U.S;34 million people came from ireland to the U.S 15 million people moved to the U.S becoming immigrants between 1820-1880.When the immigrants moved to the U.S they thought that everything was going to be how they wanted it, because it's a free country. For example they wanted better jobs. The immigrants had jobs, but thier jobs have were no how they thought they would have been.They had unskilled jobs. The immigrants were not complainery about what kinds of jobs they had. however they were complainery about the pay they were getting. they only got paid a little bit. some of the money was going out to help other immigrant. yet the hard working immigrants were mad at that.

Written by Jakala Gaines

Causes of Migration during 1820-1880s

The 1800's was a time where people migrated from one place to another, but others were forced to move from their original location to a new location. For Example, the Cherokee Indians lived around the east and south-east of what is now the United States, but in the 1830's they were forcefully moved by the Indian Removal Act which got passed on May 26, 1830 many other Indian tribes had to move west because of this law, and many tribes were outraged.The Cherokee were outraged and fought these efforts in the court. In 1832 the Supreme Court said that the Cherokee was a political community, later in the year Jackson refused to listen to the Supreme Court and said John Marshall had made all his decisions. Another one of the reasons people migrated was because of economical problems in their society. One of the economical problem they had was the slaughter of the buffalo, the slaughter of the buffaloes started right after the civil war ended. industries were spreading to the west and more and more companies were being built, because more companies were being built more people needed to be fed so they started killing the buffaloes and hired professional hunters to hunt them. Some people just wanted to kill the buffaloes for fun and people who just wanted the hides just left the meat there to rot. In the mid 1800's their was many wagons rolling along The Great Plains, in 1851 the Cheyenne and Arapaho signed a treaty that would let setters pass thought their land and the Indians can still own their land, but soon the whites began to take over and take possession of that land. In 1848 gold was discovered in California causing many people to migrate to the west because of the gold. Gold was first found by James Marshall in January 24,1848. This resulted and about 300,000 men, children and woman coming to California. This also attracted tens of thousands from Latin America. California went from tents to a boom town.

written by Alfonso Hernandez

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