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Angel Island

Here's a few example histories from Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, etc.:

Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Immigration_to_the_United_States#Population_and_immigration_AD_1600-1790
MSN Encarta Encyclopedia article: http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761566973/Immigration.html#s4

Here's instructions for the Colonial Migration "Practice" Wiki--due Weds. 11/5/08
Directions: Write your summary/history of U.S. Migration to 1790 and submit it to your group editor. Group editors should compile the group's histories and put them together HERE on YOUR group's wiki page. Please title your histories, include headings for each section, and write the authors' names below each heading. For example:

A History of U.S. Immigration during the Colonial Period (1600-1790)
-edited by Ms. Herko
Overview of U.S. Immigration during the Colonial Period
-written by Ms. Herko
Causes of Migration during the Colonial Period
-written by Mr. Watson and Mr. Stanton
Experiences and Effects of Migration during the Colonial Period
-written by Ms. Herko and Ms. Robbins

Important Due Dates:
Fri. 10/31 Interview questions and times due
Wed. 11/5 Colonial Wiki due
Tues. 11/11 Research notes due
Weds. 11/12 First draft of Wiki history due
Fri. 11/14 Final Wiki history due & Interviews completed
Mon. 11/17 Interview transcripts due
Mon. 11/24 First draft Personal Heritage Story due
Mon. 12/8 Final draft Personal Heritage Story due

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Some Wiki Migration Research Useful sites:
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Citizenship & Immigration Service, U.S. government:


For African migration patterns, check out:

(signed article from an encyclopedia of Georgia history, through grants from the State of Georgia, the NEH, and UGA)

As a starter page on Native American history:

Works Cited: